What is really happening in Côte d’ivoire?

19 Déc

A very strange attempt at the sovereignty of this country…

10 years of Ivory Coast crisis. 10 years of suffering of the Ivory Coast people. It is the same people who pays the price of the thirst of power of the Ivory Coast politicians.

These people need to shout loud and clear and to give to the world their part of the Truth.

Please kindly check all attachments and links in order to have a clear view of the situation. We ask you to consider this. Every situation needs to be seen for the two points of view and not only one.

Thank you for this interest for equity.


Ivory Coast is in crisis since September 19th, 2002, following an attempt of coup d’état which
changed into armed rebellion. To go out of this crisis, a presidential election was organized October
31st, 2010 with the cooperation of 14 candidates.
None of the candidates having obtained the absolute majority in the first ballot, a second ballot was
organized on November 28th, 2010.
Mr Laurent GBAGBO, candidate of The Presidential Majority (LMP) was in the run, and Mr
Alassane OUATTARA, the candidate of the Gathering of the Republicans (RDR).
The proclamation of the results of this second tour(ballot) arousing many reactions both to the
national and international level, it is important to enlighten the opinion on entities involved in the
collection of the results and the proclamation of these.
There is one basic reality: the president elect of the country once sworn in, can not be « unsworn ».
This would be like taking the most sacred text of the country, its Constitution, tearing it apart and
walking on it.

see attached document: Verdict of the Constitutional Council of Côte d’Ivoire_english.pdf

See all attached documents.

The country is very tense. Half of the population supports each candidate. The armed rebels have
now proven that they have been working for Alassane Ouattara for all these years. All the people
who suffered for years because of this armed rebellion will never agree to see their executioners of
yesterday to become their leaders today or tomorrow.
France has high economic and financial insterests in Côte d’Ivoire, and they have not been « special
friends » with Laurent Gbagbo who has opened the country to american, asian and arabic investors,
and has also widened relationships with big african countries (Egypt, Morocco, South Africa,
Angola, etc.). This is a truth known by all.
Alassane Ouattara is a personal friend of Nicolas Sarkozy and the french president has never hidden
that he would prefer a more « cooperative » president in Côte d’Ivoire. France has supported and
helped the armed rebellion against all military cooperation agreements that have linked the two
countries for decades.
The official mandate of the UN in Côte d’Ivoire ends on December 20th. Therefore, if incidents are
created, it can only result in the prorogation of this mission and even a change in the UN mandate
that can now become an interposition force.
It is now urgent for Alassane Ouattara, the armed rebels (who have now entered the capital city
Abidjan and its surroundings and are killing dozens of people), France and the local representative
of the UN (most Ivorians do not understand his behavior in all this crisis) to create a panic situation
in order to justify a coup, or a new mandate for the UN forces in the country.

Videos of victims’ testimonies of exaction in the North of the country


The rebellion-flash back on the events of 2002

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyHm11eSnUc&feature=related (english)

The UN as rebels





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