6 Jan

From everywhere, from all the continents, voices rise to say no to a totally unjustified armed intervention against Ivory Coast, its populations and its sovereign government.

It is then difficult to understand why Mr. Alassane Ouattara and the  » international community  » which supports him persist in wanting to create a totally useless blood bath. His Prime Minister, Mr. Guillaume SORO does not stop uttering virulent threats like of a bloodthirsty warlike leader. In the mouth of Mr Ouattara and Mr Soro, we only hear the words « blood », « death », « attack » and even worse “legitimate force” to coat what will be nothing else than a fatal bloodbath for Ivory Coast and for all the West-African sub-region.

There is an electoral dispute. In view of the documents, proofs and evidence studied by all the envoys who made the effort to bend over this file, it is clear that grave frauds occurred in the North. It is clear that the disastrous announcement of the results by an individual held in the headquarters of the candidate Ouattara is more than puzzling. It is clear that several things were not said… The doubt is more than allowed, it is real…

Then, why not not purely and simply revisit the elections? Several propositions were made by President Laurent Gbagbo:

  • An international commission of control
  • A vote recount
  • A direct dialogue at a negotiating table

Today, a new proposition was made, encouraged by several countries: organizing a third and final round to put an end to this crisis without speculation.

Mr Ouattara locks himself into an inexplicable blocking in front of all these propositions in favour of the peace and of the stability. Even worse, he speaks on multiple international media, of which the radio of the UN in Ivory Coast (ONUCI FM) to dare to minimize the risks of a civil war in case of attack against Ivory Coast. It is really shocking and revolting.

According to Radio Canada, Alassane Ouattara, asserts that a military intervention managed against the outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo, would not generate civil war in the country.

« The military intervention does not mean that Ivory Coast will be on fire. As this was made somewhere else in Africa or in the other countries, to come to look for Laurent Gbagbo and to take him out of the presidential palace », he declared on Wednesday on France 24. Not only Mr Ouattara is praising illegal coups d’état which sadly marked the African history, but moreover, he holds seriously irresponsible comments by disdaining openly the millions of civil losses that such an action would entail.

There are some even more preoccupying facts. More than 500 heavily armed men have been positioned in Bouaké (fief of the rebellion of the Forces Nouvelles). 200 men have been stationed in Séguéla and 300 men are in the hotel of the Golf. They are all ready to strike in the next days. This attack will not miss to decimate innocents populations, all this for the only will of a man whom France wants to impose by strength at the head of this country.

We raise up all to say not in this aggression.

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