16 Jan

It is certain that manipulative hands work in the darkness and that there are very numerous questions which remain without clear answers regarding the crisis in Cote d’Ivoire.

One thing is for sure, except the neocolonialist desires of France and except the certain lack of visibility of a part of the international community, the ONUCI clearly exceeded its mandate and its privileges in this crisis, rashly siding with a camp, to the detriment of its mission of neutrality.

Numerous corresponding sources( state an imminent attack which will be committed by the rebellion of Alassane Ouattara with the logistic support of the ONUCI and France, which participates in the trainings and delivers weapons. It is moreover with the cooperation of these strengths said  » about peace and about interposition  » that the war against the inhabitants of the Ivory Coast is being prepared.

The rebels of the Forces Nouvelles, supported by elements of the ONUCI and the strength Unicorn, intend to lead raids on the cities of Abidjan, Yamoussoukro and San Pedro. In military sources, these attacks should intervene for the period from 19th till 22nd January.

« Sleeping cells » of the Forces Nouvelles (FN) in the districts that the french media can not stop calling « pro-Ouattara » (Abobo, Adjamé, Williamsville) are in charge of leading a real urban guerrilla warfare to the National Security Forces (FDS). Pleading « attacks on their supporters », the rebels of the FN will launch simultaneous attack on these three big cities.

In San Pedro, the objective would be the port(harbour). The occupation of Yamoussoukro should be made with the complicity of the french Licorne which is strongly deployed there. In Abidjan, several strategic and symbolic sites are targeted. The Television and the residence of the Head of State in Cocody, the Radio and the presidential palace in Plateau are the priorities.

The blockade of the two main bridges and the military camp of Akouedo by the tanks of the ONUCI posted at the American High school aim at preventing any reinforcement in the FDS. Heavy weapons would be positioned on the roof of the Golf hotel to keep control of the lagoon.

The SG of the UN, Ban Ki Moon, repeated on Tuesday, in a mail to President of council of Security, Mr Ivan Barbalic, his request of the sending of  » 2000 additional strengths and 3 attack helicopters  » that will be added to the 9100 already present blue berets on the ground. What does ONUCI plan to do with this war arsenal?????

On Tuesday, a police patrol suffered shootings during a control in the district of Abobo.

Since September, 2002, the rebellion of the Forces Nouvelles which supports Alassane Dramane Ouattara, is engaged in extreme violence on the populations, which continue even today to flee the zone of the North and the West. Yes it is the place to remind it!!! All of the thousands of  » Ivory Coast refugees  » who flee towards Liberia run away of the zones that are controlled by the rebellion of Alassane Ouattara!!!! That is zones the West and the North!!! Just see the position of the Liberian border with Ivory Coast to understand this!!!! Even there, the French media sink into the lies and the disinformation!

Very disturbing: the French government has just asked to its airline company, Air France, not to serve Abidjan on the 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 of January because of the disorders that will occur on the ground. About what disorders are they worried? What is going on in France ?

See the announcement on the site of Air France:

Http: // http://www.airfrance.com/CI/fr/local/avotreser vice/relationclientele/message_temporai re.htm

We share with you a series of questioning to which the persons in charge of the UN brought vague and revealing answers about the duplicity of their mission in Ivory Coast.

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