20 Jan
In Ivory Coast, the mediations in favor of a peaceful outcome of the post electoral crisis continue. The deafening revelations continue to appear. Many revise their positions, and some make even a total shift in their initial positions. Africa and rest of the world are more and more divided.
Far from this outside climate that is strangely tense, the inhabitants of the Ivory Coast are engaged in a fight of every moment to continue to live peacefully. A difficult social and economic context, but these proud and deserving people fight relentlessly for a better everyday life.
The shock is more and more strong between the Ivorians and the “Ouattara camp”. Even in zones often called wrongly « pro-Ouattara », the populations are more and more annoyed, irritated and revolted against the actions and the speeches of the unfortunate candidate for the presidential elections.

The proverb indeed says that  » nobody is a prophet at home « . Ouattara may be « supported » by a part of the international community; paradoxically in the country which he wants to manage at all costs, his supports are a few and go by weakening.
Worse still for Mr Ouattara, more and more indignant voices are listened on the international stage: Russia, Angola, Libya, China, South Africa, etc. To the UN, the behavior of Mr . CHOI which admitted to have undergone French, American pressures and from the “Ouattara camp”, is more and more slandered. THE ONUCI lost its credibility and the trust of the people from Ivory Coast, by constantly provoking incidents and even firing shots at civilians.
People now understand the truth: the independent Electoral Commission is only able to announce provisional results that can only be official when approved by the Constitutional Council!!!! This is the law in Ivory Coast! It’s not because a single person goes at the headquarters of one of the candidates (M. Y. BAKAYOKO at the HQ of Ouattara) and announces results after having been sequestrated fot 17 hours, and in front of the french media, to proclaim a result, that this result is truthful, legal and right with the constitution!!!! This revelation is now out in the open.
All these opposite trends do not arrange Mr Ouattara. At bay, he activates the armed rebellion of the Forces Nouvelles to scatter the terror in zones under their control. He pays in money and in drugs young non-workers to mask the fiasco of his appeals to the civil disobedience, he throws threats that challenge all logic considerations:
  • Terrorized populations fleeing by thousands zones under control of its rebellion in the North and on the West the country further to the numerous exactions: rapes, murders, amputations, targeted massacres…
  • None of his appeals to the strike and to the civil disobedience have been followed, even in the fief of the rebellion in Bouaké (except on january 18 in the district of Abobo within Abidjan where the carriers, and labor living were threatened, stabbed, and their vehicles stoned to death and calcined to dissuade them from going to the work
  • The goods of the poor storekeepers were poured on the ground in Adjamé this morning (19.01.2011) making them lose their means of support, because they simply wanted to go to the market to trade
  • In Yamoussoukro, pupils and high school students were violently assaulted by young hooded rebels, in the pay of Ouattara, who prevented them from going to school, so depriving them of their elementary right for the education!!!!
  • Alassane Ouattara even dares to threaten Banks and financial Institutions which would have the nerve to proceed to the payment of salaries of the state employees and the Ivory Coast workers, even if they receive the funds of the Government. What a shame!!!!
  • His will of financial asphyxiation of the country blindly supported by its  » international supports  » is going to destabilize the whole sub-region considering the essential role played by Ivory Coast within the Community (the country weighs for 40 % of the economic strength and is the center of all the commercial, stock-exchange and harbor exchanges of the sub-region).
The vice tightens on Mr. OUATTARA, who without any mood, calls it to an armed intervention against this country which he so much wishes to manage to please France and its followers. Nobody doubts that this intervention will be very bloody, will cause very heavy losses in innocent lives and will destroy for decades the social, political and economic balance of the West-African sub-region, even the continent. All this for the will of a single man???

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