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NEWS LETTER du 04-02-11

Africa decided on a wise and responsible approach in front of the Ivory Coast crisis. A panel of very high level consisting of five eminent heads of state was set up to revise the outcome of the second tour of the presidential elections and work during a month, to find a peaceful and final solution. The military option against Ivory Coast was definitively annihilated.

Indeed, in view of the information, the proofs and the reports presented to the various mediators’ delegations, further to the numerous statements of African heads of state, further to the stand taken byseveral powers such as Russia, China, Brazil and finally in front of the very vast indignant reaction of several people, intellectuals and African opinion leaders, one quickly understands that in this Ivory Coast crisis there is apparently eel under rock. The hasty stand of a part of the  » international community  » to knight in disastrous conditions one of the protagonists of the elections revealed its faults and its dark sides.

Seeing all this, Nicolas Sarkozy seems really taken by an hysteric madness in his personal vendetta. The slap inflicted by Africa in Addis Ababa where he went with a ridiculously plethoric delegation of 80 persons, he has not digested it. He thus decides to spit at the African continent. Unpublished fact, the Commission of the Foreign Affairs of the French National Assembly is going to receive in hearing the illegal and illegitimate ambassador appointed by Mr Ouattara in Paris. A man without any political experience, which calls shamelessly in the murder of inhabitants of the Ivory Coast, to place his leader at the head of the country. Praising bloody coup d’état under the friendly eye and with the encouragements of France. But where are we???

One more time, Mr Sarkozy sthat he openly despises Africa. While the leaders of the continent gave themselves one month to revise the situation coolly, without any prejudice nor partisan position, France sends an offensive message:  » we do not care about your African panel. You were disobedient by refusing the armed intervention against Ivory Coast? Never mind, we continue in our logic of humiliation and offer a stand of choice to an individual who has no legitimacy towards the Ivory Coast Constitution. Go to to hell with your panel. « 

Stunned by this unspeakable and disgusting doggedness of Sarkozy, and especially by this disrespect right in line with the time of slavery, the African heads of state again spoke to warn him. Blindedand apparently disturbed, the French president persists and signs. His initiative is doomed to failure.


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