6 Fév



If someone still maintained doubts, yesterday had them very seriously to revise their state of mind. Ivory Coast struck a loud slap to the pseudo-moralizing portion of the  » international community  » by showing that the inhabitants of the Ivory Coast chose well and truly their president, that their supreme constitution would not be trampled and that Nicolas Sarkozy would find on his road of the millions of patriots ready to die for the sovereignty of their homeland.

Men, women, retired people, students, state employees, children, by hundreds of thousands, poured on very symbolic Place of the Republic to shout their indignation and their anger in face of the whole world.


An Internet user very sensibly said: « Question yourself about the situation in Egypt. Who made things move? It is the population! Why to want forcing to free or release people who do not seem oppressed in the point to take its fate in hand by leading a noble fight? The inhabitants of the Ivory Coast do they really want the departure of Gbabgo? If yes why such a gloom of their part? In 2000, it is the inhabitants of the Ivory Coast who installed Gbagbo in the power when Guéi wanted to make an overthrow. Why don’t they do the same today, for Ouattara, because it is about the same scenario? Answer these various questions and you will have resolved the problem of Ivory Coast.« . Simply logic.


Direct messages of warning were sent by the immense crowd to Alassane Ouattara and to his hysteric « godfather Nicolas Sarkozy ». The inhabitants of the Ivory Coast also rejected Mr. Blaise Compaoré, president of the Burkina Faso, they do not wish to see him among the members of the panel of very high level which gave itself one month to find a peaceful outcome in the crisis comment electoral.

Spontaneously, as a single man, Ivory Coast patriots confirmed the trickery of Alassane Ouattara yesterday… If the western powers are with him, and work with a disgusting machiavelism, deserving of the time of the slavery, to starve and suffocate the Ivory Coast populations which he tells to like and to want to manage, well let him decide otherwise.

The more the pressures and the diplomatic and political humiliations become more marked, the more the unfounded ridiculous penalties are poured, the more the movement of revolt increases and becomes more radical.


More and more real patriots, even within the own camp of Ouattara, get up with dignity to face this despicable aggression in the sovereignty of their country. And by millions, the African peoples align themselves behind them. The said proverb:  » nobody is a prophet at home « . The inhabitants of the Ivory Coast say loud and clear:  » Alassane Ouattara, bloodthirsty murderer, cheater and servant of France, we vomit you! Before sitting on the presidential armchair, you will have to walk on all our bodies! « . Whole Africa says:  » Mr Ouattara, go to live in France, under the leadership of your mentor, the colonist Nicolas Sarkozy « .


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