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The Ivory Coast crisis is doubtless the post-electoral crisis that has unleashed most passions worldwide. A part of the very vague  » international community  » stirs, gets lost and compromises itself very dangerously.

Certain nations even go as far as scoffing at their own principles of respect for the sovereignty of a state and an ascendancy of the constitution of a country, by settling themselves in donors of very little credible lessons. It is what surprises most observers. The United States, by the voice of their Ambassador in Ivory Coast, Phillip Carter III, sing even the praises of an armed attack armed against innocent Ivory Coast civilians! He advocates without any mood the perpetration just like that of a bloody coup d’état and the murder of several inhabitants of the Ivory Coast…. The world’s gone crazy!

Gone wild, the « diplomat » spreads himself without limits in the press. He utters sensational lies and holds totally despicable comments, surprising for someone of his rank, very disrespectful towards a head of state. In so wanting to be too talkative, he amazes and loses his credibility, because an Ambassador does not undoubtedly need to make so much fuss… He is delighted immodest of the pointless and useless penalties, and the hardship of salaries compulsory for the fair workers and the Ivory Coast farmers. Well, we wonder if Mr Carter knows that the time of the slave trade, in the course of which owners starved the slaves to punish them is well and truly past and over. There are insanities that we can expect from France, but not from the United States of America!!!

Frankly, this exaggerated activism by the American Ambassador is intriguing.

The mediators of the ECOWAS, then the African Union have firmly rejected the recourse to any military intervention to dislodge President Laurent Gbagbo.

The African Union opted for a peaceful solution resting mainly on an in-depth check of the outcome of the presidential election. Nicolas Sarkozy’s blood did turn around, but that of Philip Carter III seems to have followed the same road!

In the observation of the facts, we are brought to ask several questions:

  • How and why Phillip Carter was involved and participated in Mr. Youssouf Balayoko’s detention in the Golf and in the pressures which brought him « to proclaim » temporary results in a disastrous way?
  • What motivates his intense media excitement, never seen previously from his predecessors, in this crisis about the Ivory Coast elections?
  • Why did the White House appoint as ambassador, some weeks before the presidential elections, a very close personal friend of one of the candidates? (Mr Carter and Mr Ouattara were colleagues at the International Monetary Fund and have kept for years a solid friendship)
  • By scoffing and so by making African peoples suffer, is Mr Carter totally in sync with the African policy of Mr. Barack Obama?
  • Mr Obama, himself native of the African continent, does he support this cruel and inhuman strategy of asphyxiation of innocent populations? In the name of what principles of democracy?

US Ambassador to Cote d’Ivoire, Philip Carter III, Humiliates the United States

Notre Voie – 10.01.2011 (extracts)

What has gotten into the American ambassador in Cote d’Ivoire, Mr. Philip Carter III? In his rush to conceal his role in the destructive plot weaved in complicity with his French counterpart against the people of Cote d’Ivoire, the US ambassador displayed uncommon lack of diplomatic skills in front of the journalists that he invited to his public relations breakfast last Friday.

A Journalist: Why did you escort the president of the Independent Electoral Commission to the Golf Hotel?

PC III: Since the beginning of the crisis in Cote d’Ivoire, the Ivorian president, Mr. Laurent Gbagbo has maintained that the French ambassador (Jean Marc Simon) and the US ambassador (Philip Carter III) have personally transported  Mr. Youssouf Bakayoko to the Golf Hotel (Campaign headquarter of Mr. Alassane Ouattara) to have him proclaim some election results there outside of the timeframe and outside of the institutional setting and procedures dictated by the Ivorian Constitution. However, once in front of the journalists, Philip Carter III let his anger get the best of him. “This accusation is completely false,” he hammered, before carrying on, visibly ill-at-ease in his role as a diplomat, “I was visiting Mr. Ouattara . . . I was surprised to see that Mr. Bakayoko was at the Golf Hotel. It was a surprise to me. I took advantage of the situation to ask Mr. Bakayoko what he was doing there. He told me that he was having difficulty making his declaration.” This diplomat was exposed by the press. Bakayoko had difficulty making his declaration? So then, Carter III suddenly forgot his “visit” to Ouattara. The gods of chance had caused him to meet a disconsolate Bakayoko in the hallways of Ouattara’s headquarter and Carter III automatically proceeded to put himself at the service of the President of the Independent Electoral Commission. The Ivorian elections became a matter of the US’s sovereignty.

Philip Carter III should have known that in Cote d’Ivoire, just as in his own country the United States of America, the institutions put in place by the Constitution to resolve these “difficulties” are sacred. Perhaps Philip Carter III imagined himself to personify the Ivorian institution in charge of straightening out the “difficulties” of the President of the IEC. And his confession has a chilly effect: “I then asked [Bakayoko] what he was going to do. I proposed to Mr. Choi (the UN representative) that the announcement be made at the UN headquarter. He refused for fear that it should affect the impartiality of the United Nations. Mr. Bakayoko made his announcement, but I have nothing to do with it,” the US ambassador declared in front of the journalists. Obviously, his tale did not convince. In fact he even sounded pathetic.

So the journalists, skeptical, charged on:

You are surprised to see Mr. Bakayoko at the Golf Hotel; you propose that the results be announced at the Hotel Sebroko (the UN’s headquarter); Mr. Choi refuses. How do you feel now that the results have been announced from the campaign HQ of an adversary?”

This is a good question, but frankly, I don’t know why he [Bakayoko] did that. He recently explained himself in the press. He found a site at the Golf Hotel. I don’t know why. You have to ask this question to Mr. Bakayoko himself. »

Last question from the journalists:

Don’t you think that Mr. Gbagbo has legal ground to contest the fact the Mr. Bakayoko announced the results at the headquarter of Mr. Ouattara?”

An even more pathetic answer from Carter III: “It’s a question of political opinion. For me, the issue about the Independent Electoral Commission and the Constitutional Council is a little outdated. You have institutional problems that ought to be addressed, because they create much confusion here. With a certification of the United Nations, the result of this election is obvious . . . you have an institutional crisis, but this is an Ivorian question. The smooth running of the election has been certified by the United Nations. This is what matters most to us.”

Hopping from one subject to the next! Darn! In such a country filled with hyper intelligent people as the United States of America, by which circumstances has this man landed a job as ambassador to Cote d’Ivoire? After the nightly schemes of Carter III, we met a number of diplomats, mainly African, who felt very insulted by the poor media showing of the American ambassador. From them, we were able to garner some important facts regarding Mr. Carter III’s role in the current crisis in Cote d’Ivoire. What had really happened?

On the night of Wednesday December 1, 2010, Youssouf Bakayoko spoke on channel 1 of the Ivorian National TV. He reassured the Ivorian people that he would proclaim the provisional results by the constitutional deadline of midnight. When a journalist asked him what would happen if by midnight he did not proclaim the results, Mr. Bakayoko’s reply was that it was “not midnight yet.”

Of course, midnight passed without Mr. Bakayoko proclaiming the provisional results; by which time the IEC was constitutionally foreclosed. Curiously, around 01:00 am, some diplomats were informed that Bakayoko was in conclave in his office at the IEC with the ambassadors of France and the United States. Those diplomats who went to Bakayoko’s office to inquire about this atypical meeting witnessed an even more disturbing exchange.

Bakayoko: “We have been able to consolidate the results from about 15 regions. No consensus has been reached yet regarding the remaining 4 regions. We are already Thursday. At 9:00 pm yesterday, we had agreed to make a declaration to the press in the presence of all the commissioners of the IEC.”

The diplomats: “Who is winning in the regions whose results have already been consolidated?”

Bakayoko: “Incumbent President Gbagbo is.”

Mr. Bakayoko’s words visibly disturbed Mr. Carter III.

As explained the African diplomats, “Mr. Carter III awoke Alassane Ouattara at the Golf Hotel at 2:00 am and asked him how he could be in bed at such a crucial time. We found Mr. Carter’s ways unacceptable, but we said nothing. We left Mr. Bakayoko’s office, as he promised to make a televised declaration at 9:00 am.” The rest is no secret to anyone. Bakayoko was no longer to be seen at the HQ of the IEC. He was kidnapped and taken to the Golf Hotel, Ouattara’s HQ, by the ambassadors of France and the US, certainly to concoct some fallacious results.

At 4:00 pm, on Thursday December 2, while some journalists and the other members of the IEC were waiting for him at the HQ of the IEC, Youssouf Bakayoko was in front of the cameras of France 24, at the Golf Hotel, announcing his illegal results. But that’s not all. President Thabo Mbeki, whom the president of the African Union Commission charged with an exploratory mission in Cote d’Ivoire went through all sort of trouble to meet with Mr. Bakayoko. First, Ouattara and Young Jin Choi told him that they did not know about the whereabouts of Bakayoko. Toward the end of his mission, President Mbeki got a phone call from Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the UN secretary general, asking him to consult with Bakayoko for the official narrative of the events. “I would like to,” replied President Mbeki, “the snag is that here in Abidjan, no one seems to know where Mr. Bakayoko is.” Ban Ki-Moon then promised President Mbeki that he would instruct Choi to “take care of the matter.” A little later, President Mbeki gets four successive telephone calls from Choi.

  1. I think that the French ambassador can help us”
  2. According to the French ambassador, it is the American ambassador that can disentangle the matter.”
  3. According to the American Ambassador, Soro Guillaume can organize the meeting”
  4. Mr. President, Soro has confirmed that Bakayoko is ready to meet with you at the Golf Hotel”

It is finally at the Golf Hotel, at the HQ of Ouattara, that the meeting between President Mbeki and Youssouf Bakayoko took place. Our sources tell us that in his report to the African Union, President Thabo Mbeki has express deep concern for the peculiarity of Bakayoko’s sequestration by the ambassadors of france and the United States since the infamous night of Thursday December 2, 2010. Carter III is hard-pressed to wiggle his way out of his responsibility in the post-electoral crisis in Cote d’Ivoire. His defense sounds more immature than diplomatic.

Is it too late for a peaceful solution in Côte d’Ivoire ?

09Feb11 – L’Express (extracts)

The window is now closing for a peaceful and honorable departure of Gbagbo accompanied by an amnesty” warned the U.S. ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire Phillip Carter during a visit to Washington on February 4th. Adding that Gbagbo could no longer afford to pay the Ivorian armed forces and that they would inevitably move away from his regime.
Indeed, the UN believes that the Gbagbo regime would need each month from
100 to 150 million dollars to pay its 104,000 employees and 55,000 soldiers who have remained faithful. An amount that analysts say to be far from being met by the Gbagbo camp incomes. According to Phillip Carter, Gbagbo is reduced to “steal” business through extortion of money to pay the salaries of the military.

On the international stage, the international community and the ECOWAS have managed to set very restraining  diplomatic and financial measures against the Gbagbo regime. The sanctions against individuals and companies, as well as the financial asphyxia seem to be bearing their fruits, since economic difficulties have emerged for Laurent Gbabgo. On a side note, it is not to be forgotten that as in every sanction/ embargo case, the first ones to suffer here are not Gbagbo and his direct supporters but the people of Côte d’Ivoire. Private companies as well as households are paying a heavy price as inflation, massive layoffs and shortages are increasing.

The external military intervention, however has  lost pace recently with African (South Africa, Ghana, Angola…) and international appeals against it. The African Union will give its conclusions on February 20th after its mediation in the country. But already, the recount of the votes and the power-sharing solutions seem to be discarded. It is unlikely that the African Union will come out with a radical solution. Too many disagreements and conflicts of interest will prevent a continental solution for the problem. Even if some joint military preparations were reported a couple of weeks ago, neither ECOWAS  nor the African Union will reach a consensus necessary for a major military operation.

The possibility of provoking  a total financial asphyxia around Gbagbo exists, although it presents a major risk for the Ivorian economy and the regional financial stability.


TrueWorldNews – 21.01.2011

Phillip Carter III known as an active member of the Klux Klux Klan by most of the Ivorian is also considered in Côte d’Ivoire as one of the men responsible for the coming genocide in their country.” We don’t know where Obama got this guy from “ KOFFI told TWN; “he is the one who sent rebels to IEC President home to force him to make an announcement at OUATTARA’s head quarter when he knew that the independent Electoral Commission failed to deliver the presidential results within (72 ) the time allowed by the constitution of Cote d’Ivoire.

Responding to President GBAGBO who accused him openly, he declared with no shame “I did not know that the Golf Hotel was OUATTARA’s head quarter” while CHOI said from his side that he refused Carter III offer to announce the result at the UN headquarter because he wanted to be seen as “impartial”. Phillip Carter III and French Ambassador are seen by Ivorian and most of the African intellectuals as the men, trying to help their longtime friend OUATTARA, are using lies and misinformation in order to build up a coalition to bring war in the country. A situation, the youth of Côte d’Ivoire think they would have inevitably in their mind all their life.

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  1. Festus chea 04/03/2011 à 13:31 #

    The problem in ivory coast is not really about democracy its about the west putting their man in through the afghan- style election .why are they not telling the world of ado and carter personal connections or of the post election atrocities being committed by pro- ado rebels against non-combatants in the north and north-west of the country. Ouattara and his friends are dreamers . it does not matter how well a lie is magnified it will still remain a lie let them hurriedly start their massacres of the masses it is one of their trademarks in africa after all they have their media to push another story.

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