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23 Fév

It is time for the people of the Ivory Coast to glimpse a more radiant future for their country. At the conclusion of its meetings with the protagonists of the conflict electoral comment, the high-level panel appointed by the African Union has just made a wise and logical proposition, completely in line with all the initiatives that have been undertaken.

It is necessary to say that all the mediations, that came at first in the logic to threaten president Laurent Gbagbo of an armed attack or to oblige him to leave the power, have moved back in front of proofs of massive frauds, of the revelations on the big errors of Mr Choi representative of the UN, and especially in front of the Ivory Coast population which has never supported Mr Ouattara.

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11 Fév

The Ivory Coast crisis is doubtless the post-electoral crisis that has unleashed most passions worldwide. A part of the very vague  » international community  » stirs, gets lost and compromises itself very dangerously.

Certain nations even go as far as scoffing at their own principles of respect for the sovereignty of a state and an ascendancy of the constitution of a country, by settling themselves in donors of very little credible lessons. It is what surprises most observers. The United States, by the voice of their Ambassador in Ivory Coast, Phillip Carter III, sing even the praises of an armed attack armed against innocent Ivory Coast civilians! He advocates without any mood the perpetration just like that of a bloody coup d’état and the murder of several inhabitants of the Ivory Coast…. The world’s gone crazy! Lire la suite


6 Fév



If someone still maintained doubts, yesterday had them very seriously to revise their state of mind. Ivory Coast struck a loud slap to the pseudo-moralizing portion of the  » international community  » by showing that the inhabitants of the Ivory Coast chose well and truly their president, that their supreme constitution would not be trampled and that Nicolas Sarkozy would find on his road of the millions of patriots ready to die for the sovereignty of their homeland.

Men, women, retired people, students, state employees, children, by hundreds of thousands, poured on very symbolic Place of the Republic to shout their indignation and their anger in face of the whole world.

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4 Fév

NEWS LETTER du 04-02-11

Africa decided on a wise and responsible approach in front of the Ivory Coast crisis. A panel of very high level consisting of five eminent heads of state was set up to revise the outcome of the second tour of the presidential elections and work during a month, to find a peaceful and final solution. The military option against Ivory Coast was definitively annihilated.

Indeed, in view of the information, the proofs and the reports presented to the various mediators’ delegations, further to the numerous statements of African heads of state, further to the stand taken byseveral powers such as Russia, China, Brazil and finally in front of the very vast indignant reaction of several people, intellectuals and African opinion leaders, one quickly understands that in this Ivory Coast crisis there is apparently eel under rock. The hasty stand of a part of the  » international community  » to knight in disastrous conditions one of the protagonists of the elections revealed its faults and its dark sides.

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20 Jan
In Ivory Coast, the mediations in favor of a peaceful outcome of the post electoral crisis continue. The deafening revelations continue to appear. Many revise their positions, and some make even a total shift in their initial positions. Africa and rest of the world are more and more divided.
Far from this outside climate that is strangely tense, the inhabitants of the Ivory Coast are engaged in a fight of every moment to continue to live peacefully. A difficult social and economic context, but these proud and deserving people fight relentlessly for a better everyday life.
The shock is more and more strong between the Ivorians and the “Ouattara camp”. Even in zones often called wrongly « pro-Ouattara », the populations are more and more annoyed, irritated and revolted against the actions and the speeches of the unfortunate candidate for the presidential elections.
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